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How to be compensated for water damage

A leak from your neighbor’s apartment above yours has caused more or less damage to your home. Once the consultation with Black mold test removal companiesare done and origin of the leak determined then the time come for necessary repairs. After that it remains to estimate the damage and to make you compensate by your insurance, under the multi-risk dwelling that you have subscribed.

Damage estimation: Report the claim to his insurance

The first thing to do is inform your insurer. Some, reputed companies handle this type of disaster quickly by phone: they record your name, your contact information and tell you what to do. The simplest and most practical is to ask them to send you an “amicable report of water damage” that you will fill with the neighbor at the origin of your damage. Send a copy of this statement by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within 5 working days to your company or mutual insurance.


If you are a tenant, your home multi-risk will intervene for damage to furniture (furniture, bed, chairs …), wall coverings (paints, fabrics, and varnishes), kitchen or bathroom elements and fixed mirrors on the wall. But, the damage caused to “real estate”, that is to say, the floors, tiles, doors, etc., beyond a limit fixed in your contract, will be covered by the insurance of your home owner. It is therefore in your interest to warn him quickly in the event of a major loss so that he can declare it to his own insurer.

Infiltration, sanitary installation, etc.:

Be as specific as possible in the description, especially on the origin of the leak. If this origin is not obvious, just make a description of what is visible. In general, the insurers exclude, in the author of the incident, the damages resulting from a lack of maintenance or repair, when they have the proof that this one is obviously negligent.

Identity of insured persons:

The statement must be completed by the two occupants (tenants or co-owners) concerned by the incident. In general, it is established in two copies (one for each insurer), and sometimes in three (for the trustee, to inform him).

Manager or trustee of the building:

Do not forget to specify the name of the trustee and the details of his insurer. In case of doubt about the origin of the leak, the trustee can be solicited by the insurers, and if it is in the common parts, the insurance of the co-ownership will intervene.

Nature of the damage suffered:

If you lack space to specify the nature of the damage suffered (type of tiles, surfaces concerned …), you can attach to the statement an explanatory note or a detailed list on free paper.

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