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Brisbane family lawyers are the ideal and perfect team of highly skilled lawyers, who provide great services to their clients. We almost deal all matters related to family law. The most complicated and sensitive matter of the family dispute is separation and divorce. This issue requires too much focus and time to solve.


Separation and Divorce:


Brisbane family lawyers deal the case of separation and divorce which is the most complex case and family issue,it has the lengthy process, application for divorce are field in the court, for application of divorce, it is essential to separate in the relationship. Separation between couples occurs when the relationship has brought to an end by both parties. Both parties want to live separately and apart.


It is notable that the separation is not clearly describe in the legislation, and the court generally takes into effect the three elements of separation given below:


  • Either or both members form an intent or commit to end the connection or relationship
  • Eitheror both members communicate to each other and decide to end the relationship
  • Either both parties thereafter lead independent and separate lives.


Their separation can be possible if they can do so even if they reside in the same house. In the separation case, physical separation is neither necessary nor sufficient for their separation. Application for a divorce order is rely on the ground that the relationship has ended or broken down. If the both parties continue to reside in the same place this is not an implement to filing for divorce, given by the both parties matrimonial relationship has been effectually served and both parties have separated pursuant of the legislation.


In some cases, our Brisbane Lawyers Require evidence that may be needed from an independent person to creating their views on the relationship of the both parties to document any settlement made in the divorce application. After checking all the factors and if all the essential qualities of a normal life have gone, the parties can be said to have separated.


the legislation allows separated couples to resume sharing for a period of up to, but not including, 3 months without affecting any prior time period of separation for the purpose of twelfth months separation time period need for a divorce. If any resumption of a relationship occurs between parties and the parties again separate, so the parties can include the time period of separation prior to that renewal relationship as being share of the 12-month separation period required.


It is also notable that if the parties have been married for a time period of less than 2 years, the need to consider a reconciliation, with the help of either a family or child counsellor earlier either party can file the divorce application. If there are children of the relationship who haven’t the age of 18 years, a divorce order for the party cannot be made by the court till the law court has been satisfied that perfect arrangements have been done for the child’s welfare and for his look after or that the divorce order should be made.


Our Brisbane family lawyers will help their clients to deal with sensitive issue.


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