About Us

About API


The African Planners Institute is Africa’s leading Built Environment professional body that works with governments, businesses, multilateral institutions and civil society to develop practical solutions that improve urban development, design, management, and planning in Africa.

The Institute has four programmes. These are:

  • Knowledge Management. This includes (i) Training and Capacity Building, (ii) Education Research and Development (iii) Emerging Technologies.
  • Spatial Planning and Built Environment Design. This includes the (i) Green Africa Agenda focused on green inclusive and resilient built environments in Africa; (ii) Smart Cities, and, (iii) Sustainable Mobility/Transport and Infrastructure;
  • Policy Development and Evaluation. This includes the (i) New Urban Agenda and (ii) Sustainable Development Goals. and,
  • International and African Partnerships.

This Institute is at the centre of ensuring that Africa’s built environment professionals alleviate poverty in Africa, and return dignity to all Africa’s built environment spaces.

The Institute is a Member-Based Organization with its management complemented by volunteers, who support and contribute to activities on various levels. The Institute draws membership from all regions of Africa.

The Constitutif Act of African Union Article 3 of the objectives among others states that Africa will achieve greater unity and solidarity between the African countries and the peoples of Africa;

(d) endorse and preserve African shared positions on matters of interest to the continent and its general public;
(j) promote sustainable development at the economic, social and cultural levels as well as the integration of African economies;
(m) Advance the development of the continent by promoting research in science and technology.

API Background

Against the above legal background, in 2020, the Head of the Makerere University School of Architecture and Physical Planning, and, members of the Urban Afrikanischer Traum1, approached the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University with a proposal to set up the African Planning Institute.

The two organizations had realized that while high population growth, rapid urbanization, pressure on land development and climate change were key determinants to relieving Africa from poverty; the Physical Planning fraternity remain fragmented across the continent.
The API was formed.

The African Planning Institute (API) is an international organization that seeks to integrate all Physical Planning Institutes in the African continent into one Think Tank.

Management/organisational Structure

The scheme /diagram below gives an illustration of the organizational structure of the Institute

The structure is composed of the Board of Directors, out of which there is a Managing Partner who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and therefore responsible for decision making within the Institute.

The CEO connects API to the world.


Our Mission is, to enrich the art and science of sustainable economic, social, environmental, human, physical development planning and design, and, the theory and practice relating thereto.


  • A leading and globally respected voice of professional planning in Africa.
  • To be a leading African think tank for spatial planning, policy, design and development in Africa.

To advance and raise the profile of professional planning in Africa, through leadership, specialized services, advocacy, expertise, and education.