API continues to mobilise members across the continent. To date, more than 36 African countries are, represented on our social media platforms. We have 740 members/subscribers on our telegram social media platform. Out of this number (740), 400 have fully filled in API Registration forms through goggle platform.

African Planners Institute is holding the biggest single conferences in Africa. We started on 9 July parallel in Senegal which was in French. 9 August with Cameroon in both English and French, 10 August Sudan, 11 August Uganda, 12 August Nigeria, and 13 August Botswana. By the end of these conferences, API will communicate with various governments in the region, on the API position on the physical planning and design of spaces in our cities.

The International relations unit are going to network with several international organisations including affiliation with the United Nations by December 2021.

The International relations unit are holding technical discussions with a Canadian University for purposes of promoting joint research/academic collaborations and partnerships. API members will benefit from opportunities for Masters and PhD studies both in Africa and in Canada.

Networking to support professional exchange activities with different institutions including Association of African Planning Schools, Commonwealth Universities Forum, Commonwealth Association of Planners/Architects, ISOCARP, and Makerere University Kampala among others.

  1. Developing a membership Database.
  2. Professionalizing the Urban Group platform.
  3. In-depth discussions with members through phone calls, emails etc.
  4. Recruiting more members from African countries.
  5.  Scheduling webinars for the African Planning Institute platform.
  6. Developing a concept note for the African Planning Institute.
  7. Developing strategies to address some of the research findings published by the Commonwealth Association of Architects/Planners on the status of built environment professions in African countries.
  8. Virtual Conferences on all Programmes.