Africa Policy Institute was conceived in 2005 by a group of African policy experts.

former senior government officials, intellectuals and media practitioners as a continental think tank to spearhead Africa-centered policy research and analysis to inform policy advice and decision-making.

The Institute was registered in Pretoria South Africa in January 2007 under Section 21 of the Companies Act (1973), which allows for a “not-for-profit company.”

The Institute was a response to the tragic impact of “the lost decades” in the 1980s and 1990s when Africa became the ‘hopeless continent’ in the eyes of many investors. It was born out of the optimism of a “Hopeful Continent” that accompanied the ‘African Renaissance’ and gave rise to the spirit of ‘Africa Rising’ to claim the 21st century as “the African century”. With “knowledge is power” (Latin: Scientia est Potentia) as its watchword, the institute identified knowledge based on policy-relevant research as the true North in Africa’s road to peace, development and prosperity.

Over the past two decades, API has become a leading African think tank on policy research. From its headquarters in Nairobi, the Institute has established networks and presence in over 40 African countries.