Our Delivery Model

We provide advice and technical services on critical issues of concern to think tanks, civil society, Governments, sub-regional and regional organizations, international agencies and other stakeholders.

Our research findings, recommendations and options are meant to drive the Institute’s engagement with policy communities to provide strategic advice and technical support in order to inform policy processes. API experts have been involved in facilitating policy dialogues at the national, sub-regional, regional and global levels.

  • Our Expert

    Our forte lies in our ability to drawing upon a reservoir of experts from diverse specialized fields drawn from academia, think tanks, defense, security, intelligence and development background with practical experience. Aligned to thematic centers and knowledge hubs, our experts are foremost experts in their fields of specialization who have critical thinking, expertise and practical experience. We also tap into university-based academics, researchers and analysts who serve as fellows, associates and non-resident affiliates based in our centers of excellence and knowledge hubs. Our experts regularly publish their research on API website, professional journals, publish opinion pieces in reputable papers and are featured in top media outlets and deliver papers in conferences across the world. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, API has presence and networks of fellows, associates and non-resident experts in over 40 African countries.

  • Partnerships

    It works through partnership platforms and advocacy to realize its mission and vision. The institute works with partners and networks, including Governments, regional and International organizations such as the African Union and the United Nations Agencies, and Institutions of Higher Learning. API works with partners to build knowledge and skills that enable sustainable peace, development and prosperity in Africa. We work with partners and professional networks to shape the policy environment and direction by providing policy-relevant research and analysis, practical training and capacity development, advisory and technical assistance to governments and civil society.