We are dedicated to policy-relevant research and analysis to inform policy-making, contribute practical ideas and solutions to Africa’s problems and to define the continent’s future. Founded in 2007, the Institute leverages its board, centers, knowledge hubs, experts, networks and partners to deliver on its grand vision of a peaceful and prosperous Africa in a just and equitable world.

Through research and analysis, policy dialogue and advocacy, training and capacity development, technical and advisory services, API in its endeavor to bridge the gap between knowledge and policy-making and to inform policy action by governments, regional and global organizations and Africa’s international partners.

Covering diverse issues in development, diplomacy, governance, security and geostrategy, the Institute has become a thought leader in China-Africa relations, the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa and climate Change.

API's mission is to promote good governance, sustainable development, peace, and prosperity in Africa through research, policy analysis, capacity building, advocacy, and fostering regional and global cooperation.

Conducting research and analysis to inform evidence-based policies and decision-making processes in Africa, focusing on governance, development, and security issues.